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Enter here to  learn the real issues regarding the Electric Universe, Solar Fusion at the surface of the sun and the cause of electrical conditions in the solar system including the real reason for our strange weather ... you will learn in detail SO YOU UNDERSTAND ... jim mccanney

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could this movie prove that NASA and Hollywood could do a great job of faking a space mission ??? sure looks real to me !!! 



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This web page has now over 6 GygaBytes of information plus all the print books, eBooks, CDs, DVDs, Posters, eDownloadable educational productions as well as special unique products like the Re-Calendar Sun Star Clock.  Then there are over 15 years (and counting) of my commercial free radio shows.  One woman listened to one show per day for what she called the best education of her life.  It took her 2 years and 2 months to complete.  

If you read all of the books, listened to the CDs, watched the DVDs,  studied the posters and listened to the radio shows, you would be at the introductory level of understanding my work.  That is why I am releasing the 20 DVD University level Astronomy Astrophysics Space Science Course series to take people to the next level.  This still does not include a good deal of work going on in the background.

This web page is not a quick sound byte page nor one that repeats catch phrases over and over again.  There is a serious amount of content inter-relating in a consistent manner the many aspects of the cosmos ... presented in a manner understandable by the lay person as well as people with high levels of education.  Everyone has to learn at their own pace.  But what I have found is that those with the most education are those most adverse to changing their long held belief systems.  Do not expect to mix your old ideas with what you find here.

But why would you spend a lot of time learning about the Electric Universe (a term I coined to represent my work and which unfortunately has been copied by countless internet quacks).  It is a complex topic and the electrical nature does not manifest itself easily.  It is ever present but very subtle.  Most people including so called plasma physicists really do not understand this.  Simply put ... electrical and magnetic effects are shielded both on our planet and in outer space.  So you have to know where to look and what to look for.  However, what is more important for the average person is how this affects your daily lives.  You will learn that here.

You have to understand that there are many levels of science.  What are presented to you are Tiers 2, 3, and 4 fairy tale science pawned off on the public.  Tier 1 science is the science you never see.  That is what you will learn on this page.  But also you will learn about the forces behind science and who owns and controls science as well as scientists.  In general, those "scholars" in Tiers 2, 3 and 4 have no idea that there is an entire layer of science above them of which they know nothing.  

Start by reading my books (in the order published OR "The Diamond Principle" is a good book to start with since it summarizes earlier books and analyses today's complex world with eyes from the future).  Then return and read the books to gain understanding.  Continue to the CDs DVDs Posters eDownloads etc (available only on this web page individually or in economical complete library packages) and listen to my free weekly commercial free radio show live or via the archive sub-page.  Follow the links to sub-pages.  Once the first door is opened you will start to understand that the world as presented to you is totally askew and distorted.  Step into a different reality and spend some time on an ongoing basis.  

Lastly ... I explain things so you will understand them.  From my decades of University level teaching as well as countless radio shows and public lectures I have learned how to bring complex topics to many levels of people.  Do not believe what people tell you just because they stand behind rows and columns of PhDs and a standard partly line.  They have to protect their holy grail and ultimately their government funding and pay checks.  

I fund my own work and never have or will take government funding.  I have worked on the inside and have published peer reviewed papers and taught at the best university in the world as an independent scientist.  Because of this there are many paid disinformation trolls that follow me and try to disrupt my information flow also promoting people who would steal my work and distort it.  Their all out effort to destroy my message is a tribute to my success at reaching you the public (I take it as a compliment plus they inadvertently send many new people to my web page and teachings).  I have always worked alone ... follow my path to understanding.

Follow the link below to the secure web ordering sub-page ... I recommend purchasing the book CD DVD  library packages which cost the same as a few of the books CDs DVDs purchased separately ... while you are there consider purchasing my name branded water filter products for your kitchen which also to be used for camping, traveling or in case of emergency.  Also consider unique to this page products like the Re-Calendar Sun Star Clock.  You receive products and information you will not find any other place in the universe and help support my ongoing work and commercial free radio show.  

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10/07/2015 Picture of the Day - Mars water ?recent? ?ancient? NASA disinformation ploy  ... and now ... Matt Damon stranded on desolate mars ... just another Hollywood block buster ??? 

the September 28th 2015 announcement by NASA much heralded of a "major discovery" of water on mars is really a total disinformation campaign and was the topic of my show october 1, 2015 ... the following  weekend gives constant blanket coverage with the release of the Matt Damon movie "Bring Him Home" with the "Mars is soooo inhospitable you cannot go there so don't even think about it" message to you the public ... that is the subliminal message and who is behind it ??? look at the pic above ... remember in the middle ages when they taught the commoners (via the church) that the earth was flat ??? all the royalty and upper crust and especially the church (vatican) knew it was round ... so why the disinformation ??? this put a mental cell around the people ... don't go there ... you can't go there ... don't even think about it ... if i were to tell you that mars had vast oceans and an earth-like climate only a few thousand years ago most of you would think i was nuts ... but do you know anyone who was around a few thousand years ago ??? no ... you have been conditioned to believe what you are convinced is true and you literally have NO PROOF whatsoever for that belief ... well ... ALL the civilizations from that time talk about Mars the BLUE planet and they even tell us of the night when a large passing comet ripped off the atmosphere and oceans leaving the red hulk of a planet we see today ... but don't stop there ... my Picture of the Day sub-page (link below) has large portions dedicated to this topic showing conclusive evidence and the reasons for scientific result that the oceans were RECENT and not ancient as the NASA story is trying to pawn off on you ... so why the secrecy ... why the flat earth disinformation ??? listen to my october 8, 2015 show to find out more ... jim mccanney 

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September 20, 2015 posting ... as of today this message remains the same ( i have been repeating this since last june when all the hype began about this fall "impending doom") ... REGARDING all the announcements predictions etc for fall 2015 ... asteroids comets planet x nibiru you name it EVERYONE with a song and dance has made a prediction ... many people are asking my opinion ... I DO NOT MAKE PREDICTIONS unless i have real verifiable data ... if someone shows me REAL DATA that i can independently verify i will let you know ... to date that has not happened ... so all the chatter most of which is complete non-sense does not deserve comment ... there is a standard format for not just positional data but orbital data ... a "winged thing" on google sky does not cut it ... a friend in high places said something does not cut it either ... i am a scientist and until someone comes forth with properly formatted data that i can verify this all stands as unverifiable sources mixed with a LOT of internet disinformation ... they even have ole Nancy Leider crazy lady talks to aliens back in action ... what you can say is the current massive disinfo campaign is meant to distract you ... from what ??? jim mccanney

i created a power point presentation for the WING funding project ... it takes about 5 minutes to go through the 20 slides ... using microsoft power point ... (2.1 MB download) click here --> Replacement Energy power point presentation .pptx