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Enter here to  learn the real issues regarding the Electric Universe, Solar Fusion at the surface of the sun and the cause of electrical conditions in the solar system including the real reason for our strange weather ... you will learn in detail SO YOU UNDERSTAND ... jim mccanney

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WIND VS SOLAR power ... which is better ??? read my latest eBook "McCanney WING GENERATOR" FOR MORE DETAILS ... in the book i provide a simple test that shows that my WING GENERATOR will solve the world energy problems as the ONLY solution ... whereas the solar "solution" is really a vast failure in the making ... listen to my 04/23/2015 and 05/07/2015 radio shows (posted on the archive sub-page link below center column) for more details ... but here is a small fun fact for your memory ... 

Taking the earth's surface as a whole, the energy received during a year aggregates about sixty mile-tons for every square foot. That is to say, the heat annually received on each square foot of the earth's surface, if employed in a perfect heat engine, would be able to hoist sixty tons to the height of a mile. (this was known in the 1800's this quote taken from an 1800's astronomy text book) ... sounds impressive ... ONLY TROUBLE .. this is max sunlight and only during peak times OF THE DAY ... so you have to store the energy in batteries ... this is fine for a home or small local grid situation BUT will never work on a national scale TO REPLACE THE CURRENT ENERGY NEEDS NOW PROVIDED BY COAL - NUCLEAR - AND OIL (the big 3) ... the big issue is not only COST PER KILOWATT HOUR ... but WHO CONTROLS THE VOLTAGE LEVEL ... solar cost is coming down but one only has to calculate the output of solar panels (and even multiply by a factor of 2 to be generous for possible future improvements) ... so with solar you will always need the local power plants (you have to listen to my april 23, 2015 and may 07, 2015 radio shows) ... as more solar installations come on line ... the WORSE the situation becomes (unless you plan on piping solar electric energy from the sun side of the earth to the dark side and keep this folly going day and night) ... because simply put you cannot replace the central power plant with a solar installation ... END OF STORY !!! ... (now throw in 2 or 3 family electric cars) so if you always have to maintain that grossly inefficient central power plant ... you have gone to GREAT EXPENSE and not solved anything ... the relative expense of the central power plant INCREASES not decreases and becomes unwieldy as the fluctuations of solar power provided by the growing number of small solar installations increase AND AT GREAT EXPENSE TO THE PUBLIC ... they are paying for electric at full retail prices but selling it back to the grid at sub-wholesale prices after all the expense and fees etc etc etc ... SOLAR IS A DISASTER IN THE MAKING ... A VERY EXPENSIVE ONE AT THAT ... but the world energy mongers love it because the public is spending its entire "alternative energy" budget on a solution that will not work ... and will have been "spent out" when real solutions are needed ... TOO MANY PEOPLE ASSOCIATE WIND ENERGY WITH THE FAILED 3 BLADE WIND GENERATORS ... COMPLETE FAILURES - GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED EVEN AFTER THEY STAND IDLE AND nothing in the approved licensing and permits to force the companies to take them down ... very expensive eye sores ... my WING project is the solution ... because it replaces the central power plants nation wide ... allows for distributed energy on the grid and prevents the "obama smart grid" which is a centralized disaster which will solidify the energy monopoly in the hands of the energy controllers ... more coming pronto on this ... jim mccanney  

a quick note on recent research i am doing on "global climate change" ... i have established a direct link with LOGGING and climate change ... it is not the fairy tale myth that trees provide our oxygen at all ... the real issue is that local climates have been drastically affected by deforestation of vast jungles and forests as well as prairie and grass lands ... for the greed of the wood barrens and the industrialized nations hunger for wood and paper ... one of my 11 earth mega projects is to reforest the earth and force the use of earth building products in the industrialized nations that also replace the canopy of native plants on top of the housing ... living with the earth not against it and minimal energy consumption ... as opposed to the building codes that force one to build housing with maximum wood use and energy consumption inherent in the bad "approved" designs  ... a 50 year project that needs to start today ... more to come ... jim mccanney

Mars Had Recent Vast Oceans

My Picture of the Day sub-page for some time has concentrated on my studies that Mars exhibits all the signs of vast oceans ... it also shows delicate meandering rivers and close up photos show small washes etc etc etc ... BUT there ain't no water ... certainly not oceans of water (only a small amount frozen at the north and south poles) ... my Weather Book "Principia Meteorologia - The Physics of Sun Earth Weather" published a decade ago concentrates on planetary weather and regarding mars has 8 full page high resolution plates of the surface of planet mars concentrating on the lost oceans and reasons showing it to be recent ... the following is a sub-page dedicated to this topic ... jim mccanney 

PS recently NASA scientists stole my work and in an attempt to take credit published and widespread their amazing "discovery" in the popular press ... the following sub page also makes note of this proprietary material theft 

Click on the following link

 Mars Had Recent Vast Oceans Sub-Page

who invented and brought into vogue the term "Electric Universe" ... and when ??? here is my 1981 publication "The Nature and Origin of Comets and the Evolution of Celestial Bodies" ... from my peer reviewed 3 part comet paper (reprinted as an appendix in my book "Planet X Comets and Earth Changes") ... "Since Scientists Confront Velikovsky (30) and the 1974 AAAS Velikovsky trial, more cosmological data has been gathered than had been accumulated in the previous 300 years. A catastrophic band wagon has been formed in astronomy, geology, evolutionary biology, and related fields, but with no credit given to Velikovsky. Has data and observation pointed towards an "Electrical Universe", epochs of celestial catastrophes affecting Earth, etc.? Let the reader decide. Velikovsky's main difficulty was that of a man far ahead of his time in a world of academic elitism. He disagreed with the "experts" who used their resources to label him a crackpot." ... i then used this term as i continued presenting my material to the public and at scientific meetings such as my invited lecture at Los Alamos National Laboratories to 50 of the countries top plasma physicists (talk entitled ... "Are Comets Really Dirty Snowballs" 1984) and many American Geophysical Union meetings where i directly confronted NASA and other space scientists using space probe data to defend my position ... my work has been published in peer reviewed astrophysics journals ... jim mccanney 

P.S. a bunch of recent internet nut case government supported johny come latelies who have no degrees or history are trying to steal this term ... and my work ... but i have a paper trail ... they have nothing but fabrications

SPACE RADIATION - mitigation for human space travel research ... why do i have a picture (below) of a star with surrounding  "planetary nebula" under the topic of space radiation ??? an entire area of study that i have pursued in the background for many decades is space radiation ... this has many aspects including the manipulation and management for human space flight ... unfortunately i had a run in with the US military early in my physics career and i had to make the decision to carry on my research in the background ... essentially i had a nomination from senator Al Quie of Minnesota when i was a freshman in college to the Naval Academy ... it was then i learned about the reality of the war in Viet Nam ... eventually i protested and gained a legal "Conscientious Objector" CO status with the US Selective Service Department (i still have my CO status draft card of which only 1200 were granted from the time since World War II) ... i turned down the Naval Academy appointment and followed a life of an aggressive pacifist fighting the war industry and sent on a path which i am still following today ... when i developed my Electro-Magnetic propulsion systems that resulted from my work with the electrical nature of the solar system i went to Los Angeles in 1982 to pursue Venture Capitol to develop the ideas for my personal private space program ... i met Burt Rutan at an Air Show (Air Space America San Diego) and proposed we work together on flight systems ... what i did not know was that the venture capitol "industry" was frothing with the families of the world bankers who developed technology for warfare ... my projects against my contractual requirements to use and develop for peaceful only purposes was over-ridden and my plans were passed through the aerospace industries (then McDonald Douglas - and others) and sent to the pentagon where yes they did receive funding ... LOTS of funding ... but because of my anti-war convictions was distanced from my own projects as they were being developed in the skunk works ... i many years later ran into an engineer that worked on my projects ... he sat in total amazement as i described to him the top secret programs in great detail that he had worked on ... i should have known ... i designed the spacecraft and propulsion systems that he engineered with teams of government skunk works subcontractors ... the ONE thing they never got from me was the part to mitigate space radiation which was the key needed to make all the other parts work ... despite the fact that they have hundreds of scientists working on this topic the collective knowledge of space radiation between the military and behind the scenes NASA programs is very rudimentary ... i occasionally release information as part of my solar system weather research and my January 22, 2015 weekly commercial free radio show was dedicated to the topic (archives available on my web page) ... but the core of my research on this area is private so there will not be any sub-page regarding my results which includes methods for passing through for example the van Allen belts ... jim mccanney

science and mathematics

my work covers many dozens of topics in the hard science and mathematics ... listed below ... my paper trail of publications and promoting my work goes back to the 1970's ... showing that the universe is electrically active BUT the science is subtle ... while gravity is the dominant mover of the heavenly bodies, electrical effects must be put in proper context ... with a self-consistent set of concepts with detailed mathematical physics ... written for the general public as well as high level PhD level scientists ... jim mccanney

while you are awaiting more web construction  here take time to look at the kind of work you are going to find here ... click on the following link

Galaxy Study Sub Page

Jupiter Winds ... see the sub-page dedicated to this topic for which i initiated and coined the term ... decades of studying this effect produced some amazing results that finally were confirmed by the US Military satellites which directly measured the electron beam connecting earth and Jupiter ... click here for more ---> Jupiter Winds Sub-Page


Many years ago I defined 10 Earth Mega Projects that we must undertake ... i have expanded that list to 11 ... some are immediate that are required not only to save the human race ... but to save the planet ... some deal with nature and natural disasters while others deal with man made issues ... all can be started immediately but some will take a long time or even generations to complete ... but some are immediate and have to be done today using all the resources at our command ... visit this page and start acting now ... jim mccanney  ---> EarthMegaProjectSubPage

THE FOLLOWING STATEMENTS REGARDING PRIME NUMBERS ARE A TRIBUTE TO THE FACT THAT EVERY GREAT PHYSICIST AND MATHEMATICIAN THROUGHOUT HISTORY HAS SEARCHED IN VANE for patterns in the prime numbers... a problem first recognized by the ancient greeks.  So engrained is the concept of randomness and uncalculable that the highest levels of secure computing relied on this.  The greatest unsolved problem in mathematics today called The Riemann Hypothesis has to do with the spacing of the prime numbers but no one has managed to solve it.  Many years ago i cracked the unrelenting problem of calculating directly the prime numbers and put in a form that everyone can understand.  In 2007 I released this information to the public in my book with 3 hour DVD lecture "CALCULATE PRIMES".  Available on the sales page.  Also see the supplement book "Breaking RSA Codes for Fun and Profit". Much of the hacking that has occurred in recent years is because unscrupulous companies continue to sell "computer security" based on the RSA prime number encoding methods which were broken with the release of my work.  Here are some quotes regarding this oldest of mathematical problems starting with Euler who lived in the 1700s. 

Euler commented "Mathematicians have tried in vain to this day to discover some order in the sequence of prime numbers, and we have reason to believe that it is a mystery into which the mind will never penetrate" (Havil 2003, p. 163). In a 1975 lecture, D. Zagier commented "There are two facts about the distribution of prime numbers of which I hope to convince you so overwhelmingly that they will be permanently engraved in your hearts. The first is that, despite their simple definition and role as the building blocks of the natural numbers, the prime numbers grow like weeds among the natural numbers, seeming to obey no other law than that of chance, and nobody can predict where the next one will sprout. The second fact is even more astonishing, for it states just the opposite: that the prime numbers exhibit stunning regularity, that there are laws governing their behavior, and that they obey these laws with almost military precision" (Havil 2003, p. 171).

be sure to visit the secure ordering sub-page for the CALCULATE PRIMES and BREAKING RSA CODES books as well as other books CDs and DVDs that deal with the wide range of topics that i cover in my research ... jim mccanney

NEW !!! CIA IN THE NEWS sub-page ... why this in the science column of this page ??? the CIA is an international wrecking ball ... CRIME INTERNATIONAL ASSASSINS would be more appropriate ... but more so ... with their laundered drug billions they are heavily investing in internet technologies - outer space - robotic including robotic dogs and larger robots to wage war on the public ... they have a "venture capitol investment"  division which launders their drug money into high tech corporations mainly involved in snooping on the public ... they own GOOGLE (that international spy web site that has more data on you than you have on yourself) and many others such as FACEBOOK and other social media not to mention SKYPE ... the list is growing every day ... the CIA is the international police force of the European Banking cartel World Bank and always has been ... they do not represent you the citizens of the United States ... anyway read more and yes this belongs on the science column ... click on the following link ... read and learn 

CIA IN THE NEWS sub-page

throughout history leaders of countries have known that guarding science and engineering was key to holding power ... some were good rulers but most were ruthless and viewed the masses as owned commodities to be used in wars of empire building as a method to control the public ... wars, taxation and monetary control were the cycles of control ... today the world is in the grips of some of the most evil "rulers" in history ... and they understand that the ownership and control of science and scientists is paramount to their ongoing control ... most people live in a cloud of misinformation and misconceptions meant to distract them from the real issues that affect all of our lives ... additionally ... a constant stream of BAD SCIENCE AND ASTRONOMY pawned off on the public keeps the real science and real understanding of the universe from the masses ... it keeps the public from understanding their past, present and most importantly ... their future ... my web page is dedicated to giving a complete understanding of science starting with the electrical nature of our universe ... i also discuss how science is set up in "tiers" so the real science is never seen by the public ... thus keeping them from their birthright to the stars ... my commercial free weekly radio show and web page are dedicated to giving a true picture of the complex universe in which we live ...  james mccanney

HEALTH ALERT ... the measles "outbreak" is about as believable as the "ebola" pandemic ... the cry is going out "forced vaccinations" ... they are actually referring to you the public as "the herd" ... that "the herd must be vaccinated" just like a herd of cattle ... and that parents who refuse to have their kids vaccinated are a public health hazard and should be sued by parents whose kids are sick ... measles is not a new issue ... the original method of "treatment" which is still the most effective is "isolation" of the people who have it ... it is called "quarantine" ... the west africans are refusing red cross injections for ebola because they are realizing that the only people contracting ebola are those who have been "vaccinated" ... the end result is issuance of troops on the ground in many countries where the west has wanted troops for a long time ... how on earth are troops on the ground going to combat ebola ??? they are forcing the people into vaccination centers because the people there were refusing to go ... and by the way that also allows the troops to force the same people back to work in the diamond mines where they also are refusing to work as slaves ... this gives the excuse ... furthermore ... ebola victims have not been quarantined in fact there is an open door for them to travel freely to the USA and other countries ... there has been complete lack of quarantine and oversight by both WHO (World Health Organization) and the USA's own CDC (Center for Disease Control) ... vaccinations open the door to resistant strains as has happened with literally every other disease that has seen pharma vaccines and drugs ... so don't sue parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids ... sue the health organizations that let kids go to school sick AND investigate where this influx of measles actually came from ... natural causes or your friendly local Mil Lab ... jim mccaney 

Politics, the world bankers and science ... this is a page dedicated to science and mathematics ... my science which is extensive ... but science is one of the most owned and manipulated entities in the world ... throughout history rulers have kept technologies to themselves and dished out complete dribble to the masses because 

knowledge = power 

lack of knowledge = suppression

so it is very important to keep the public at bay by supporting BAD SCIENCE AND ASTRONOMY for the masses ... in the middle ages they taught that the world was flat with fire breathing dragons and cascades at the end of the world to keep the aspiring youth from sailing off in search of adventure and a better life ... all the "leaders" knew the world was round ... mental slavery is easier to invoke than physical slavery ... today we have The Big Bang, Dirty Snowball Comet Model, an electrically neutral universe and mickey mouse cosmic disasters that deny the greatest events in the history of man (the great flood 40 days and night of torrential rain from the heavens and thousands of years later the interaction of Venus the Great Comet that devastated earth on 2 occasions and caused an ice age and mass extinction including the near extinction of man) ... the greatest events in the history of man are denied by modern "science" ... there are tiers of science ... tier 1 you never hear about with the scientists being owned and sequestered into secret projects that you will never see ... although many think they work for "defense" they are really working directly for the world banking elite that controls world governments who maintain a "balance of power" between bank loans that drive the populations into infinite debt and maintain world chaos through their police force the CIA ... tier 2 is the bullshit science pawned off on the public that is taught all the way from kindergarten to PhD ... this is then repeated by tier 3 and 4 "scientists and educators" until everyone believes it ... my web page and radio show are dedicated to exposing the blatant lies in language that everyone can understand while giving you the true nature of the complex universe we live in ... ultimately science today is owned and controlled just like our federal government and so called "politics" ... 99.999999% of all scientists work in some capacity for the federal government which is a fully owned and controlled entity of the world Rothschild banking empire and our own Federal Reserve ... their bank in the USA ... there is no such thing as an "independent scientist" ... except for me on this page ... i am a well credentialed scientist who has seen the inside and was in unique positions at unique times to bring you the information you find on this page ... that is why there is so much effort to suppress my message and even attempts to replace it with phony imitations on the internet ... anything to keep the truth from the public ... prior to my work all "science" had to be peer reviewed and sanctioned ... i have peer reviewed papers in astrophysics journals but my publishing career was cut short when my results conflicted with current paradigms ... i have spent over 10 years teaching Physics Mathematics Computer Science and Astronomy at the university level ... i spent 25 + years of my life as an engineer in the telecommunications industry part of it dealing with high level secure computing ... throughout my career i have remained independent and have continued to develop my work ... you will see many aspects of my work on this page and listen weekly on my commercial free radio show ... those are free ... also i have my long list of books, eBooks, CDs, DVDs, Posters and personal inventions like the Re-Calendar Sun Star Clock plus my complete line of water filter products that are the best in the world only available on this web page for your education and health ... i never take donations and have no backdoor "supporters" ... i pay for my own air time and have refused advertisements and sponsors to keep my message pure and dedicated to the truth without interruptions ... jim mccanney

to relieve my home page of the constant ridiculous tier 2 fairy tale "silly science" that appears daily ... i have created a new sub-page entitled "Simple Simon Silly Science Sub-Page" ... look for the link in the left column below near the bottom and return regularly for updates ... i do not want to clog my main page with this tripe ... but is worth noting for posterity ... jim mccanney 

NOTICE on blocking my web page and emails to customers

1) customers have reported that my customer emails which include order receipts and other business emails are being sent to GOOGLE spam filters ... many times in spite of the customers having me on their VIP acceptance list (high priority) ... google is owned by the CIA not exactly a group that loves me ... (see my CIA in the News sub-page) ... be aware that you may have to go to your spam filter for my emails if you have gmail ... also note that i NEVER send emails of any kind except as business responses to customers who have purchased on my sales page ... clearly someone is getting more worried about my success in getting my message to you 

3) my email for my special projects such as the comet viewing sessions requesting input from amateur astronomers on comet observations of sunward spikes has been completely blocked and i have gotten feedback from listeners that they have been harassed ... NASA wants a monopoly when it comes to public contact regarding comets ... their ridiculous fairy tale science (i call it the 4 S's ... "Simple Simon Silly Science") or the more than simple simon "Science at NASA" youtube videos boggle the imagination ... nice animations but no science ... jim mccanney  

3) reports have been confirmed that Verizon is blocking my web page ... users cannot find my page ... they call customer support and they cannot figure out why ... my listener postings of favorable comments on false youtube videos and other blogs are immediately removed and their access blocked ... my name and any favorable postings on wikipedia have been removed by the internet police (government paid trolls and "volunteers" who scour the internet for "unacceptable content") ... the list goes on but clearly my message is vexing certain people higher up the chain ... if i were so crazy then people would figure that out on their own and just go away ... the opposite is happening as more and more people are turning to this page for information and interpretation of what is going on ... jim mccanney

UPDATE - in mid march 2015 a listener reported who had originally been blocked from getting to my web page by Verizon that he finally called Verizon tec support and the technician fixed his "problem" and patched him around the Verizon block ... this proves two things ... there is an intentional blockage of access to my web page within Verizon ... they know about it and how to fix it ... but continue with this more than blatant unconstitutional obstruction of my freedom of speech and the press ... clearly the truth is hurting someone and more than that ... more and more people are seeing and understanding my message 

Weather Misinformation Notice ... weather.com and spaceweather.com along with NOAA, the National Hurricane Prediction Center and hosts of national and local weather centers are staffed with what i call "weather readers" somewhat akin to the "text book repeaters" that fill the news media with distorted fairy tale science for public consumption ... they have been taught how to "read the weather to you" from scripted computer outputs ... weather.com is part of the larger scale ownership of weather information by the Rothschild banking empire ... why do they own weather reporting ??? because weather modification and population control are central to their control of the public and the ability to cover what is really going on with BS stories gives the illusion of "experts" reporting ... the most recent example of weather misguided information is a story that somehow coal burning plants in China are affecting the weather in the USA during winter complete with professionally produced video ... the reality is that chem trail spraying rampant in the USA has far more effect than any issues coming from china ... why don't they ever talk about chem trails ? i think you get the drift ... jim mccanney

on the news media and science reporting (or lack of reporting) and science at NASA ... an attorney's brief comment in a blog is worth repeating ... when commenting on copyright law ... here is what the attorney said about NASA and the dribble lipped repeaters that are called "science news reporters" that spout on the internet and in science articles for the myriad of bought and paid for glossy magazines whose main goal is to sell you their monthly pretty picture of the month periodical filled with GEEE WHIZ hype for NASA treckies ... here is the attorney's statement ... 

Unfortunately reportage in this area is largely left to science journals and bloggers. The traditional media has few if any staff experts who have ready access to legitimate sources and can comment with knowledge about matters concerning NASA and related scientific endeavors .... The few full time journalists still left generally lack the expertise ... NASA's budget has basically been static for over 5 years. A large portion of that budget is now (and in the future) going not for space exploration per se, but rather to "earth science" (ie climate change issues) and other items that do not fit the traditional NASA mission.

my added comment ... remember NASA represents tier 2 science ... it is a smoke screen ... the garbage science pawned off on the public ... it is a space agency with nothing in space and no ability to get there ... the dribble coming from NASA and siphoned off for your consumption would not qualify at a 3rd grade science fair ... the occasional pretty picture IS NOT SCIENCE ... any real data that is collected (from incorrectly designed satellites and misinterpreted data by tier 2 scientists within NASA) are not available to anyone not under gag order within NASA ... the fanfare of internet bloggers and "Science at NASA" youtube video tripe hardly qualifies as serious science ... it is mainly an outreach effort to make you think NASA is really doing something and to keep congress sending that money ... the internet is infested with NASA paid trolls ready to defend the agency in blogs (with the ability to remove anti-NASA blog postings) and defend her against all foes ... this barrier protects NASA scientists who never have to answer hard questions about their scientific theories or the fact that they do not hold water now and in fact have never been correct ... and this scheme works ... as congress continues to increase funding for tier 2 science in general ... NASA is "congress proof" since they require that 10% of their annual budget goes into small companies in every congressional constituency ... it would be political suicide for a congressman (or woman) to vote against a NASA budget increase ... with this in place NASA scientists can set in their ivory tower unscathed and without anyone to ask serious questions regarding their rubber stamped "peer reviewed" papers in "science journals" ... it is important to keep the public mesmerized with garbage science while the real science programs flourish in the unseen background ... jim mccanney 


to relieve my home page of the constant ridiculous tier 2 fairy tale "silly science" that appears daily ... i have created a new sub-page entitled "Simple Simon Silly Science Sub-Page" ... click on the link below ... return regularly for updates ... i do not want to clog my main page with this tripe ... but is worth noting for posterity ... be sure to put on your aluminum foil cone hat before going here ... jim mccanney 

Simple Simon Silly Science Sub-Page

the amount of complete non-sense science appearing today is so incredibly ridiculous and voluminous that i could spend all my time posting and commenting on it ... for example NASA announced it has developed an electromagnetic propulsion system that goes faster than the speed of light and is powered by microwaves and uses solar power ... they claim they can cruise the galaxy ... but when you read the article it is some people talking and no third party verification has happened BUT most of all how do you cruise the galaxy on solar power when the sun would be LONG GONE before you got out of our own solar system ... the last i heard NASA cannot even get a mouse into low earth orbit with a chemical rocket ... just nuts ... a few years ago they announced a "rail gun" space ship propulsion system ... only problem it would crush the contents of any known satellite system and kill any living things ... not very useful ... and last but not least ... Elon Musk announced that his new batteries are going to power houses ... on the one hand i praise this this as super super ... but the problem is that they are selling this as a solution for solar power for our energy needs ... the average house in the USA cannot supply its daily needs for electric power with solar power as he is promoting (especially when you throw in the family electric car(s) ) ... SOOOOO ... you still need the central power company ... this is going to be a win win for him ... but a lose lose for you the public ... like the 10' diameter satellite dishes that have gone the way of the dinosaurs ... so will solar panels someday be an eyesore that were the heart of a failed system ... run the numbers and you will see ... BUT also some of the backers are WALLA ... the power companies ... HMMMMM batman and boy wonder robin ?!(*&#$_(*% KOPOWWWW !!! after the public's alternative energy money is AGAIN fleeced (just like the 3 blade wind generators that stand idle across the country side still collecting government subsidies) ... there will be no money left to spend on real solutions ... thanks Elon ... for not knowing what you are doing (or if you do know wow what can i say ... certainly many of the financial backers DO KNOW)  ... jim mccanney 

i don't have time to post even a 10th of what they are spewing lately ... i am just concentrating on my positive work and the many new releases that are yet to come ... jim mccanney

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  these pics will be the topic of my show this thursday evening - scroll down for the many ways to listen 

05/15/2015 Picture of the Day - AFTER THOUGHT - Ceres pics ... commentary

BELOW on the 05/12/2015 Picture of the Day  i discuss the recently released photos of the minor planet Ceres by NASA's Dawn mission ... what is obvious is that these pics have been photo-shopped ... we saw this with photos of the planet Mercury as i pointed out in other recent postings of the Picture of the Day ... some pics make the planet look like just another cratered hulk ... dark ... craters ... ok ... but other pictures show the complete scenario of interplanetary electrical discharge paths streaked across the planetary surface with strings of craters like pearls with some burned in much more clearly and more intensely ... when you look at the pics you almost imagine that it is not even the same planet ... the point is that the same has obviously been done with the pics released of Ceres ... dark gray lifeless Ceres ... but where are the electrical discharges that are certainly there ... photo shopped out (tone adjusted) and you may never see the real pics ... remember that i initiated this field of direct observation and identification of interplanetary electrical discharges when i was at Cornell University in 1979 seeing data as it came off space craft for the first time noting for example the clear "rings" around a crater burned into the surface of that moon of jupiter ... jim mccanney

05/12/2015 Picture of the Day - FINALLY - Ceres pics

see explanation of the pics and link to downloadable video below ... this is interesting ... i discovered Mount McCanney (i think) ... read this then re-read the 05/06/2015 Picture of the Day posting which i left posted below to compare bright spots of Ceres and Mercury ... it appears that these are naturally occurring phenomenon related to both collision AND electrical discharges to the planetary surfaces ... 

Above is a size comparison pic of Earth - our Moon and Ceres ... Ceres is the smaller one but is still spherical meaning that when it formed (during its comet stage of development) it had sufficient self gravity to pull the molten blob into a sphere ... BUT is too small to be considered a real planet because (by definition) it is too small to gravitationally control the region in its orbit ... the region between Mars and Jupiter where thousands of asteroids orbit the sun ... and in every which direction ... the term "asteroid belt" is a misnomer it is an "asteroid zone" ... but Ceres does not control them so Ceres is termed a "minor planet"

Above one of the "bright spots" that has puzzled scientists (including myself) since first seen in lower resolution pics years ago from the Hubble Space Telescope (i know many of you are thinking "alien base" but is there a natural cause? keep reading ... )

Above is a complete (both sides) composite pic of Ceres taken from 8400 miles away ... notice a few of the "bright spots" which they have discovered with close up photos are many many small bright spots close together ... they seem to be either on rim edges OR out in the middle of a large crater having nothing to do with the formation of the crater ...

NOW ... the final video pic ...this is about 27 MBytes (BIG BIG) download so right click on the link below and select "open in separate tab" and then continue reading below until the download completes ... 


the download is a video of Ceres rotating ... first understand that Ceres is a large frozen ball of ice according to NASA mass analysis (and possibly sloshy water mixture) with a dark sooty covering ... in watching i noticed a "bump and its shadow" ... i will discuss this more below but my first belief is that this is an ice mountain created as icy water broke through the surface layer and like a volcano on earth of molten rock formed an ICE MOUNTAIN ... i thought of calling it Mount McCanney ... but instead of seeking more fame than i already have (NASA would never give me credit anyway) i am naming it Mount Gerda after the Hans Christian Anderson 1844 fairy tale The Snow Queen who is beset by evil trolls ... i like that theme also since in the real world NASA employs evil "internet trolls" to do its bidding (angrily demanding you believe their Bad Astronomy and Science) and run amuck with good science ... so watch the video and watch the far left horizon edge of Ceres as the horizon becomes visible ... Mount Gerda (an ice mountain i am presuming) first appears as a small pimple looking bump on the left side and as it moves to the right you can see its shadow (upwards of the bump because the sunlight is coming from below) ... watch Mount Gerda as it crosses the disk along the lower portion of Ceres AND THEN EMERGES again to the lower right hand side again as a bump along the eastern horizon ... all the time you can see its shadow to the "north" or upper side ... MOUNT GERDA ... i like that ... BUT BUT BUT !!! there is something more immediately obvious about Ceres ... isn't it what you would call a "dirty snow ball" ... a ball of ice covered with a dark layer of sooty material ?!?!? yes it is ... by NASA's own analysis ... a GIANT ONE ... but wait boys and girls grandmas and grandpas ... shouldn't it be acting as a raging comet ?????? yes it should according to the NASA dirty snowball comet model ... just like the icy moons of Jupiter Europa Ganymede and Callisto which also lie naked to the solar wind ... BUT NO COMET TAIL SEEN !!! so could that mean that ONCE AGAIN the McCanney Plasma Discharge Comet Model comes through ??? could the answer be in the affirmative ???  now look at mercury below with its surface bright spots and compare to Ceres ... jim mccanney

05/06/2015 Picture of the Day - Planet Mercury pic releases

the above pics were just released of the NASA Mercury Orbiter that for the past 4 years has been orbiting and studying the planet mercury ... recently i reported on mercury and tracks of electrical discharges that criss crossed its surface from the passage of comets which is common for little mercury in its position near the sun ... i also commented on how the pics are always photo shopped to minimize the view of the tremendous electrical damage to the surface ... although these are highly photo shopped and adjusted photos one can still see what are obviously recent electrical discharge damage sites ... NASA says all this is caused by "colliding asteroids" ... how do asteroids cause planet wide perfectly linear streaks with many craters in line ... silly science ... (i have a new name for NASA ... National Academy of Silly Astronomy) ... the other problem with these pics is that they are extremely low resolution ... i imagine the real pics are a minimum of 20 MBytes each ... here you see pics of less than 100kB ... the trash pawned off on the public ... the top pic easily you can detect the linear electrical paths that scar the surface with occasional burned crates along the path where the discharge locked in for an extended period of time then passed to the next location ... the lower picture shows bright spots that may be a combination of impacts and electrical connections where the lower brighter land is exposed but in either case these are RECENT ... the darker cover of the planet as i explained before is due to the comet effect (my Plasma Discharge Comet Model) as the planet draws in material from the local environment and is baked on the surface by its proximity to the solar inferno and electric discharge ... as with all the planets mercury is acting as a comet discharging the solar capacitor locally and this is very intense in its location near the sun ... they also discovered that mercury has a small magnetic field close to its surface  (see more pics and discussion on the Picture of the Day Archive sub-page) ... jim mccanney 

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this coming week's show - January 29, 2015 ... i will be discussing about 10 topics dealing with space and earth based electricity ... i am concentrating on hard science ... to prepare read the sections of my book "Principia Meteorologia - The Physics of Sun Earth Weather" regarding hurricane formation and the electrical nature of storm systems ... jim mccanney

last week's show - January 22, 2015 ... my weekly radio show is now posted on the archive sub-page ... i am concentrating on hard science (fewer announcements) ... listen and learn ... this week i discuss SPACE RADIATION amongst other topics ... myths coming from NASA and reality based on my history of work with this difficult topic ... jim mccanney



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April 22, 2015 posting ... where on earth are we going as a human race ... in my book "The Diamond Principle" i come to the conclusion that sooner or later our society will fail ... the reasons are complex like the complex cuts on a diamond ... but as always ... like the miraculous person that survives a collapsing building or some such disaster ... some will possibly survive ... but just surviving is not enough is the lessons of the past are only to be repeated again ... as we are doing today ... everything that is going on today has happened in the past ... such as the international banking system with fiat money and usury compound interest (declared illegal in the old testament)  that rapes value and utilizes natural resources on a baseless false economy ... the human race is bound to fail eventually since the time is limited to get off this planet ... the greed to some is preventing those with vision to move forward in private space programs ... the recent rash of private space program "accidents" is no accident ... jim mccanney

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Peer Review Critique and Sub-Page

regarding peer review ... some of the mindless gov paid internet trolls and critics sent to taunt me try to prod me to "submit my work for peer review" ... the reality is that i have peer reviewed papers published in the "respectable science journals" ... oddly enough these same critics collectively have NO papers published in high level astrophysics journals (collectively) ... i was the only member of the Department of Mathematics at Cornell University where i was a faculty member who ever published in the peer review astrophysics journals ... no small accomplishment ... but my publishing career was cut short circa 1981 by back door complaints from the astronomy department at Cornell headed by none other than Carl Sagan (David Duncan Astronomy Chair) which protested my using NASA space probe data to prove the standard NASA theories to be incorrect and replacing them with my own research ... but aside from that let me give you my top 9 list of reasons why i do not submit my work to peer reviewed journals ...

1) why would i submit ground breaking work that has been verified by space probe data to journals refereed by the scientists who are lost in the cave ages with outdated incorrect theories and whom have PhDs in totally incorrect fairy tale science ?

2) the journals take control of the work and publications ... i would have to ask permission to publish and pass on to you my own work ... i am not in a "publish or perish" government supported university or industry position ... i have the largest classroom in the world (hundreds of thousands of people like you all over the world) and i do not read from some outdated text book ... i pay for my own air time ... i do not have sponsors and i do not take donations ... i publish on my own web, have my own publishing house and fund my own research ... why would i want anything to do with a system designed to control science ... and by the way ... if i sold through normal book channels (my books CDs and DVDs are only available on my web page) my books would qualify for the New York Times best seller list ... but that means nothing to me 

3) very little real research is published in peer reviewed journals which have become nothing more than ivory tower clubhouses which rubber stamp publish whatever garbage the clubhouse members toss at it ... peer review really does not happen ...  they do not respond to serious critical objections to their published baloney ... top level research is implemented in reality NOT PUBLISHED in peer review journals 

4) the peer review process is flawed ... although it is necessary to keep out the riff raff of which there is plenty ... the peer review process including the cycle of funding - government top down grants - research driven by top down edict - publication via peer review which is monopolized by the same groups that move and get the government funding for the next year ... the system is flawed by monopoly groups ... some politicians think that by spending more on science it will expand and grow ... scientists today set like squirrels hoping the gov will bequeath them more nuts than they did last year ... with more gov spending the reality is you will just get more of the same and further entrench the power groups that infect an already broken system 

5) Einstein only published 2 papers in peer review journals (both in germany before he came to the USA) and was openly critical of them for many of the same reasons i am giving here ... most real research is conducted in private between scientists ... i always have worked alone and control my own work and its release ... i do not submit for approval of anyone ... i am harder on myself than any entrenched peer referee would ever be ... sorry ivory tower snobs i do not play your games

6) peer reviewed journals are the epitome of  tier 2 science ... my work is understood in the tier 1 circles as the top level of science ... after one of my public presentations regarding my propulsion systems ... a physicist with 35 years experience from the US Navy approached me in private and talked for a while ... he told me everything i was doing was correct and to just continue to do what i am doing 

7) scientists have lost control of their work ...scientists publish within a guided framework ... NONE of them conduct research that they design ... i fully fund and control my work and release what i feel is appropriate for the public ... i have many projects underway in the background and  have begun to release my 11 Mega World Projects which are necessary for the success of the human race ... NONE of this will ever be submitted to peer review journals  

8) when i was on the faculty at Cornell University i submitted a paper to ICARUS the Cornell Space Science journal for which a joker named Joseph Burns was acting editor ... my paper (later published in another journal to establish my priority on the topic entitled "Saturn's Sweeper Moons Predicted" Reprinted in the appendix of my Planet X Comets and Earth Changes book) was rejected by Joe Burns with a letter stating that there was no need to invoke moons to account for the gaps in saturn's rings ... the moons were later verified by Voyager space craft data ... Joe Burns ripped off my idea including terminology and made a career out of being the "sweeper moon expert" at NASA ... all this is documented ... so why would anyone submit an original idea to a peer review journal ???  

9) peer review is like an old man driving slow in the left lane of a crowded freeway ... he has plenty of room in front of him ... he just cannot figure out why all those people are honking and trying to get by him 

click on the following link for more thoughts on "peer review"

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This Web site is for those who do not believe that comets are dirty snow balls. Enter here to find out what they really are. P.S. Welcome Hale-Bopp AND NOW COMET C/2002 NEAT V1 as the newest planetary members of our solar system

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i completed the preliminary plans to build a full scale tesla tower ... i was going to do it silently however with the people following me these days there is no  such thing ... so i am just going to do it in full view of everyone ... with this is place bush and his oil buddies will have more time to hold hands ... more on this soon ... jim mccanney ... update ... am involved in environmental impact phase of this project ... 

UPDATE ... this project is on hold due to environmental issues ... basically this is an EXTREMELY dangerous project and has complications ... when the ionospheric capacitor begins to discharge one needs a large "sink" to use the energy ... enough to power a large city ... in a controlled manner ... this is not possible so i have opted to move to full scale production of the WING project ... described in my 2014 released eBook "McCanney WING GENERATOR" - WORLD ENERGY PROJECT as my solution to the world energy issue ... see the secure web ordering sub-page for details (link at the top of this page)... jim mccanney


? why did the government tear it down ?

? why are we paying for polluting power of oil, coal and nuclear power ?

? now that my theoretical work has rediscovered the principles of the TESLA tower and unlimited free electrical power from the ionosphere (as printed in my book ATLANTIS TO TESLA - THE KOLBRIN CONNECTION) why are we not pursuing this free energy on a world wide scale ?

 we know the military quickly built such a tower in july 2003 (only a few short weeks after the release of my ATLANTIS TO TESLA book on the july 7, 2003 Coast to Coast program ... listen to the C2C archive for that release) near Kanata Canada and when they tapped into the ionosphere (the idiots did not put any control electronics on their tower) the surge blew out the north east electric power grid corridor - the recent Dept of Energy report was another cover up of this mess (sighting the "official cause" as due to a squirrel's tail tripping over a power  line in rural Ohio)

one final note ... there is a blanket disinformation campaign stemming from the controlled news media and managed by the owned international energy "industry" that claims Tesla was building his tower to "distribute energy" ... since he had already sold his electrical generator turbine and 3 phase motor technology to Westinghouse one has to ask the simple question ... from where was Tesla going to get his power to transmit ??? the story does not hold water ... why did Westinghouse send out a band of goons to tear down Tesla's tower ??? because Tesla had already started getting power from the ionosphere and was ready to replace the "burn high energy content fuel for electricity" with literally FREE power ... Tesla did not know where the vertical electric field came from but he knew it was there and how to tap into it ... my work has rediscovered the work of Tesla and its true meaning ... AND discovered the true source of the earth's vertical electric field which is the solar capacitor ... read more about this in my two books "Atlantis to Tesla - The Kolbrin Connection" AND "Principia Meteorologia - The Physics of Sun Earth Weather" (see the secure web ordering page for details) ... jim mccanney



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i just read "the news" ... isis terrorism about to attack the USA they say ... just as the "jadehelm15" operation is about to begin ... geeeee ... will the mil boys (illegal on US turf "operation") be in just the right place at just the right time to combat in US streets a planned orchestrated terrorist attack on the USA ??? ... 

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NEW SUB-PAGE A MUST READ !!! i talked about water and my recent eBook WATER discusses the world water grab ... i have a new sub-page you HAVE TO READ - required reading for all including kids ... read the following !!! ---> WORLD WATER GRAB SUB PAGE

DO NOT USE GOOGLE !!! for now at least use  https://www.startpage.com/    to avoid all the "#**" that comes with using google ... tracking ... misguided link information ... logging your internet activity ... loading your computer with "cookies" that do more than make your computer work ... etc etc etc ... although i do not believe anything is private anymore on the internet ... jim mccanney

See the new sub-page regarding google and other "social networking" ownership ... who is behind much of what is going on with the controlled internet ... click on the following link ... 


Listen to my March 05, 2015 radio show dealing with GOOGLE's new "TRUTH ANALYSIS" method of ranking web pages ... they (the CIA that owns GOOGLE) has developed a "truth data base" that will automatically cleanse the internet of non-compliant web pages and promote those that have a "high truth ranking" ... gee i wonder if my web page would be on their list ... i do not comply with NASA and other government sanctioned "science" ... there is a huge information war going to on and they are desperate to clean up the internet ... it is well underway ... real information is getting harder to find ... jim mccanney 

Yellowstone Volcano is in the news again ... it should be headline news every day ... we are dealing with an incompetent president ... incompetent park service and incompetent geologists ... the super volcano is overdue for a major eruption ... it would kill all life as we know it for 1000 miles or more AND create a world wide condition that would destroy the rest of life on planet earth ... in the past 200 million years there have been 3 major superheated steam pyroclastic eruptions from the yellowstone system and all three have devastated life far and wide ... yellowstone is getting ready to erupt again ... the lake water dropping onto the magma will cause a volcano larger than the past three eruptions put together ... ALL THIS CAN BE AVOIDED BY FOLLOWING MY PLAN TO DRAIN THE WATER FROM YELLOWSTONE LAKE ... a relatively simple operation ... follow the link to the sub-page describing this effort ... jim mccanney 

--->  YellowstoneLakeDrainProjectSubPage

COMET C/2012 S1 (ISON) sub-page link - 2013 was the "YEAR OF THE COMET" ... I WOULD CALL IT THE YEAR THE WORLD EN-MASSE DISCOVERS THAT COMETS ARE NOT DIRTY SNOWBALLS (nasa's incorrect pet theory) ... AND THAT THE MCCANNEY PLASMA DISCHARGE COMET MODEL RULES !!! 2013 THE YEAR OF THE COMET ...link to Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) sub-page ---->  Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) Sub-page



Permanent posting ... the link below gives direct proof that major storms are being manipulated by USA owned and operated satellite lasers ... with all the activity lately regarding weather manipulation and the numerous cover stories and misinformation (including imposters claiming a non-existent technology they call "scalar weapon" or that the Russians did it or some other nonsense ... there is no such thing as a scalar weapon) ... listen to my September 29, 2005 radio show archive where you will get unique information not heard anywhere else ... and read "The Weather Book" which covers the real science of weather manipulation in depth ... including my work with the Russian scientists who developed the laser technology and gave it to the americans for peaceful purposes ... click here  >>        Proof of Laser Satellite Storm Manipulation

If you have not already read the 3 part series "Deep Impact at Comet Tempel 1 - when numbers do not lie - Parts I, II and III ... it has been moved to a permanent sub page ... a must read ... follow this link ---> Deep Impact at Comet Tempel 1- When Numbers Do Not Lie - The Final Word - Sub Page

A HOLIDAY TREAT - COMET VIDEO LINK JUST BELOW  ...  so some people still say comets are harmless little dirty snowballs that cannot affect the sun or our weather ??? ... click on the following link ... i have dozens of similar movies showing comets causing massive solar flares ... and what would happen if this comet passed near earth OR THE MASSIVE SOLAR FLARE HIT US ??? the comet is part of an electrical discharge of the solar capacitor (there is no ice or snow folks) ... comets come in all different sizes and the one in this movie is small to medium ... small comets have added to our overall electrical state and affected our weather such as comet Lee which was instrumental (along with other electrical alignments in the solar system) in spawning 4 hurricanes at one time including Hurricane Floyd ... astronomers love to point to the 1910 passage of comet Halley that did little damage ... but it is a nothing of a comet ... we have not witnessed the HUGE comets talked of by the ancients that shook Earth to its knees ... (2 meg file size) ... jim mccanney 


click here to watch ---> comet solar flare movie 01072004.mpeg

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!!!  *** NOTE ... see the posting on this sub-page regarding what happened during and after the May 2004 comet viewing project ... a must read ... click here ---->     Amateur-Astro-Project


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CHAITEN CHILE VOLCANOES ERUPT - SUB-PAGE ... CLOUDING ANY CHANCE OF SEEING THE SOUTHERN SKY FOR YEARS TO COME ... a permanent sub-page was created with link below for the chaiten volcanic eruptions of may 3, 2008 ... these are so important in understanding many issues regarding my science and the layers of science in the world today (tier I black ops and tier II mindless bad science that is pawned off on the public as the top layer of science) ... plus many other issues ...click here for sub-page ---> Chaiten Volcano Erupts


   The Rick Martin Interview from THE SPECTRUM magazine (September 2003 Issue)

   The Rick Martin Interview from THE SPECTRUM magazine (May 2003 Issue)

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in the above link be sure to listen to two of the early lectures ... one is the interview (1996) with Houston talk show host Chuck Shramek who died from a mysterious case of rapid onset cancer after he took photos of comet Hale Bopp and posted on the Art Bell show which was an entire story ... also listen to my lecture on "Mastodons - Atlantis - Velikovsky - Pole Shift - Comets" from the 2001 time frame ... these lectures show the timeless nature of my work

about "conspiracy theories"

 ... occasionally i hear someone say this page contains "conspiracy theories" ... that term was created by a government think tank back  in the 60's to de-rate and ridicule anything not broadcast by the official news media on the evening news ... there was a famous man that once said ... "never attribute to conspiracy that which can amply be attributed to the actions of a bunch of greedy stupid self serving men in power" ... i would add to this ... " and the majority of people who are fooled into believing these men are honest and have the interests of the populous at heart" ... jim mccanney

P.S. the information i give is original and comes from long years of experience (i have been there) and personal development ... it does not come from reading this is in a book written by someone else ... i am not out to "convert" anyone ... my information is for those that want to listen ... and from the response to my radio show, etc.  there are a lot of people listening ... including the nay-sayers ...

DID NASA GO TO THE MOON WITH THE APOLLO MISSION ??? MY OFFICIAL RESPONSE ... after years of analyzing and trying to look at all this and LOTS LOTS more the evidence is overwhelming NASA faked LOTS OF THE DATA ... they even finally admitted it but stated they really did go to the moon (would you believe a self confessed professional liar) ... it comes down to this ... scientific claims require independent third party verification ... NASA has always depended on "we are NASA and you have to believe us" with their fleet of NASA treckie apologists (allegedly non NASA clowns that dot the internet) ... NASA's recent alleged "proof" coming from their Lunar Recon Orbiter was more than a joke ... we all awaited the much heralded pictures that would conclusively show the Apollo landers (all of them) in their alleged landing places just as the day they touched down ... but they released some pictures with a few pixel smudges and said ... there it is ... "proof" ... are you kidding me ?!?!?! your cell phone could take better pictures ... and they allegedly were looking for future landing sites with the highest resolution cameras available to man where a small rock could damage their lander ... on google earth you can read the license plates on your car from satellite pics and that is looking through 100 miles of atmosphere ... the lunar orbiter was very close and with NO ATMOSPHERE ... any real pics would have been analyzed by experts for the rock patterns and any other details found in the public news release pictures that we all have access to on the internet and in printed books of the alleged lunar landings ... the question and scientific claim remain unsubstantiated ... which is undoubtedly the largest scientific claim of the 20th century still lacks 3rd party independent verification ... NASA has "lost" all the footage and original photos from the Apollo missions and destroyed all the plans EVERYTHING there is not a shred of evidence that it even happened at all .. so that is where it lies ... no "debate" necessary ... there is nothing to "debate" simply put ... this all remains nothing more than an unverified scientific claim ... jim mccanney (copyrighted as with everything else on this page)

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NOTICE ... due to the EXTREME LEVEL of misinformation and distorted reporting on YOUTUBE - WIKIPEDIA - GOOGLE -CNN - SPACE.com - SPACEWEATHER.com - WEATHER.com - NOAA web sites and last but not least NASA web sites as well as many other now "gov" owned sites (these sites plus many more taken over by the new world order and "filtered" by professional disinformation specialists) ... i must warn my listeners regarding what i now call "THE INFORMATION BLACK PLAGUE" that is permeating every fabric of your life ... literally nothing can be trusted on these sites especially regarding topics such as outer space or other things that potentially could affect your lives (what i call the REAL issues... not the plethora of non-issues you see on the controlled evening smooooze nooooze) ... jim mccanney   (PS due to the rash of recent fake postings placing my name and distortions of my work on YOUTUBE please understand I DO NOT POST ON YOUTUBE ... never have and never will ... YOUTUBE has become a collection pit for every no name anonymous imposter wanna be and government disinformation agent ... trust nothing you see there ... in general ... I ONLY POST ON MY OWN WEB PAGE ... all my work here is copyrighted including my radio shows and i do not give permission to repost anywhere else)


NOTE ..due to the high level of plagiarism this page has experienced, borrowing of information and government disinformation sites attempting to distort information ... this notice is being posted at the top of this page ... the copyright notice is noted below ... before you mouse copy and attempt to post this (or use materials which includes any materials from books, videos, or other sources found on this page) or use this information in any format, notice is given that there will be a $10,000 per item usage fee plus attorney fees for unauthorized use of materials on this page ... this will be charged to the person making the posting and the server / ISP ... if you wish to refer people to this information post only the following ... mouse copy only the line below between the ***      *** 

*** please read the information posted on www.jmccanneyscience.com  ***

GENERAL CAUTION ... internet imposters and wanna bees are growing rapidly in number ... especially regarding the very complex topics of comets, the solar system, geology, weather, etc etc ... and last but not least ... the very complex topic of planet X and the many planet X types of objects related to our solar system (many of which have yet to be discovered) ... these imposters and pretend self appointed charlatans are feeding off fear mongering and made up information with no basis ... they have no background with which to make any kind of statements and have no real source of real scientific information ... they try to attach like leaches on the fame of people like myself ... for some ... every comet that comes into the solar system is "Nibiru" and heralds the end of the world ... then the NASA white hats come running in to save the day to "debunk" the non-sense ... trouble is this dog and pony show is all staged with NASA actually supporting many of the nut cases ... this results in confusion for the general public and real scientists won't touch it with a 10 foot pole ... my unique personal work dealing with the topics of solar system objects including comets and new planets and the electrical nature of the universe goes back decades to before the majority of these people were even born and LONG before the highly mis-used term "planet X" became in vogue ... throw in the government planted misinformation and the poor public does not know which way to turn ... if you have been the victim of mass mailings, web pages hosted by no name wanna bees or internet chat groups trying to preach these topics and gain fame ... leave the groups and register their addresses as spam with your internet providers ... i do not have e groups or mailings nor do i have associates who would do this in my name ...  i never post on youtube or chat pages or blogs and my good fans know better than to get involved in these traps also ... so beware of "name droppers" who would make you think somehow they are related to me and beware of those who try to borrow my material and twist it into bizarre ways ... NONE of them are related to me ... i work as always by myself ... posting only on this page and on my weekly commercial free radio show and granting interviews with long term well known talk show hosts ... just one example of many recent efforts to defame my name and work ... recently government misinformation geeks have been posting my name and chopped segments of my voice on youtube and other places and their controlled webpages refuse to remove these obvious forgeries ... no one has permission to repost in part or in any form my copy righted work ... my books - eBooks - CDs - DVDs - Posters and other items such as the Re-Calendar Sun Star Clock are unique and carefully presented so only verifiable easily understandable information is presented to educate the public as well as trained scientists ... beware of people selling "safe" information because NO ONE can predict the future ... especially regarding mass disasters ... beware especially of government postings regarding topics such as comets and this coming years events and note that this information goes through "filters" (professionals whose job it is to formulate public opinion and divert it from the truth) ... listen to my weekly radio shows and past shows on the archive sub-page ... we are living in tough times with very complex issues and science is at the hub of our past, present and future ...  i am posting this note of caution because the imposters - wanna bees and planted misinformation are only going to get worse ... jim mccanney   

from time to time people attempt to contact me by using the email address ... here are the simple rules again ... the only way to pass information is via the email address listed on this page and this goes through the screeners who follow certain basic guidelines ... no anonymous or fictitious names (those emails are deleted off the top ... you have to be identifiable as a real person) ... no news letters or bulk email or email list email are accepted and those addresses are blocked ... i do not have "associations" with people emailing to this address and anyone who tries to continually send emails will be notified by the screeners and blocked ... the email address is for people to send an occasional email and feedback ... people attempting to get me to read their theories or proof read a book or some such thing are blocked and told politely to refrain from continued attempts to contact me ... i work essentially alone as i always have and have my own contacts and methods of working ... i distribute my own work by my own distribution mechanisms and my work (and name) are not available for opportunists to try to use or make a fast buck (see the copyright notice below) ... i only grant interviews with long term well known talk show hosts and similar entities ... you have to realize that there is a continual barrage of people trying to get to me who are posing as average people down the street, posing as "legitimate" news sources as well as opportunists trying to pretend they somehow have associations with me ... these are blocked by the screening process ... i am seriously busy with my work and much of this is not made public until i make it public ... how do you think i got this far doing what i do ??? i appreciate the many good people out there who respect my privacy and distance ... the unique information you get on my radio show and shows where i am guest or in my publications are the results of this process ... i have seen many people come and go in my now somewhat lengthy career ... this includes some of the biggest names in science, radio and broadcasting ... i have ridden over the lumps and bumps and still am on the leading edge of nearly every field that i am involved in ... this is not by accident ... once again i appreciate the sincere people out there who understand what i am doing and support my efforts through their attention and prayers ... jim mccanney